Dreamscope is a music-based production company redefined for the modern musician; helping artists in the early stages of their career to avoid scams by providing them with the knowledge and experience they need to run a successful artist business.


We aim to be a source of hope and inspiration to creative individuals across all forms of media helping artists to not only realise their own potential and that their Dreams are within reach, but also helping to produce and share exceptional entertainment to all the world.


Dreamscope Media Group aims to be the leader in producing exception content created and performed by creators in the early stages of their careers within the music, tv/film, and publishing business segments. We have created a community of creative individuals who, in addition to their core functions within the company, have interests in writing, producing their own content, performing, building sustainable relationships with external partners, and creating the ‘Modern Entertainment Industry'. We strive to cultivate this in such a way that it benefits our talent and meets our company objectives.


Dreamscope Media Group was established in September 2016 initially as a record label but with the expectation that other business units would follow in the future as we grew. Before that could happen, though, Dreamscope needed to 1) test our concept and 2) generate intellectual property that can later be exploited by the new business units.


Our business model is not that of a traditional record label in that our success is not based off of record sales, concert tickets, merchandise sales etc. We work with musical artists at the very early stages of their careers and offer them an "Artist Development and Production Deal" for which the artist pays a development fee every month. Then, after we release the music created under the agreement, Dreamscope only takes a 25% cut on sales, leaving the majority of sales to artists as incentive to them to push their own music and build their careers. Our partners at the UK Department for International Trade called our business model "the model of the future for records labels".


During this time period we not only improved on our concept showing that there was a demand in the marketplace but we also quickly amassed over 75 recordings generating intellectual property that is now ready to exploit to its fullest. In addition to this, we have created, written and produced a live-to-air telethon that benefited Muscular Dystrophy UK, built integral partnerships in key music markets that include southeast asia, the United States, continental Europe, and of course here in the the United Kingdom, partnered with Middlesex University in the creation of a student-run business start up scheme called "MDXcel" for which we took on over 60 interns to help launch; all of this while constantly refining our internal processes and procedures to ensure that we are efficient and well structured.

In late 2019 Dreamscope Media Group will formally launch it's trading-as companies Dreamscope Records which will be the record label on all future releases, Dreamscope Music Publishing which will represent the publishing interests for all of the recorded material created under the record label, and Dreamscope Insights which is the book publishing segment of the business. The company's first book, "Just Thought You Should Know", will be released internationally on paperback, ebook, and audio book formats.



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