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London, United Kingdom

She is a  singer/songwriter in the genres of pop, folk, and r&b. Her lead single "Nostalgia" from her debut EP "Long Story Short", has been featured on numerous Spotify Playlist. 

Oslo, Norway 

His powerful tenor is reminiscent of the soulfulness of Johny Lang but filled with the drama of Freddie Mercury. He explains, “I would never write a song that isn't from a painful place. I was taught that art has to

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Her self-titled debut EP draws inspiration from her music heroes such as Sara Bareilles, and Norah Jones. The song "Afraid" is a cute upbeat tune that tells the story about her fears and her endearing naiveté.

London, United Kingdom

Matilda Gracia’s debut EP, titled “Introduction”, depicts a different approach to relationships, liberating and empowering the woman in expressing her lust, desire and emotions in relationships with others and with herself. 

Cologne, Germany

A very talented multi-instrumentalist and fitness enthusiast. He performs his style of soft rock / country pop music in over 100 venues around Germany and in London, United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom

Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of Christina Aguilera but with the soul of Janis Joplin, drawing you in while also making you aware that nothing will break her down. It’s quite the thing to experience.


They strive to challenge the limitations of genre and break the lines between batucada and pop. With an 18 men band, they are an exciting Live band to watch.

Derby, United Kingdom

A Heavy Metal band with influences from Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine and Machine Head. They are in the mids of starting to track their first EP.

United States

He is a Multi independent music award winning Grammy artist, his career in the entertainment industry spans more than 28 years with experience ranging from theatre, film and television acting to a successful career as an independent recording artist.

Thimphu, Bhutan / London, United Kingdom

She released her first album Na Badhana (Don’t Tie Me Up) in her home country of Nepal in January 2011. In 2018, she started recording her EP with Dreamscope.

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